If Turkeys Could Speak

Did you know?…

Kirschner's Korner

I am a turkey.

You may think I’m a stupid and worthless bird.
I’m not who you think I am.
I have a purpose on this earth just like you.
Simply because you may not understand it
doesn’t make it any less meaningful.

I enjoy having my feathers stroked.
I care for my young, search for food,
take dust baths, and build nests.
You may have other interests but these are mine
and I enjoy them as much as you enjoy yours.

I am a turkey.
People have studied me and concluded I’m highly intelligent.
If I met you, I would run to greet you
and rub against you to show my affection.
That’s my nature.
Remember it when I explain what people do to me.

I’m a gentle soul.
I like to gobble, chirp, and cluck.
You may not understand it but it’s what I do.
Imagine if people who…

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